A 50’s Diner & 3 Other Top Restaurants In Irving TX

There are great dining establishments all over Irving, and I’ve told you about quite a few of them. If you’ve yet to check out the other pieces, you should, but maybe you’re in a hurry. Perhaps you want the name of some good restaurants so that you can quickly find the best place for you to eat. In that case, you’re certainly going to enjoy learning about these top four restaurants in Irving.

Taco Diner is located at 5904 North Macarthur Boulevard, and it is known for its tacos, mango margaritas, rice and beans and more. Even if you have tried a margarita before, you might not have had a mango margarita. It’s something new to try. And if you’re not up for a margarita, there is plenty of great food to choose from. One more recommendation is the los cabos salad.

Yummy Thai is going to have all the delicious Thai food dishes that you can imagine. Located at 6421 Riverside Drive, Yummy Thai offers sticky rice, drunken noodles, papaya salad and more. Spring rolls and veggie rolls also make the menu highlights. Reviews say that this restaurant serves up some great lunch specials. You’re going to really like Yummy Thai if you give it a chance.

The next featured place to eat is La Cima Club, which is located at 5215 North O Connor Boulevard. La Cima Club is known for having great service, and you can expect to find a pianist playing. After that description, you know you can expect some great menu items to choose from. La Cima Club serves up quite a few delicacies, and you can expect to enjoy the best surf and turf and great views.

Big State Fountain Grill is located at 100 East Irving Boulevard. Order up a patty melt, a milkshake made with Blue Bell ice cream and play the jukebox. You’re talking about an old style diner serving up an old-fashioned cheeseburger and fries. How does a root beer float from the soda fountain sound to you?

The 50’s style diner sounds like fun, and the other three restaurants are great, too. Now you are going to be able to decide which of the places to eat in Irving that you want your family want to try first. I hope you think one of them sounds good so that you don’t have to look any further. It’s time to grab a bite to eat.